Do you wish to play golf as Arnold Palmer?

Are you a golf player? Do you try to find different approaches in improving your golf swing? The best way to do that is probably to find out how did masters of golf played golf years ago. It is the best way to try to play listening to their instructions.

One of these players is Arnold Palmer. He is considered as one of the best American players in the history of this sport. He has earned a nick name “The King”, for reason and he was one of the most popular stars of golf. His father, Deacon Palmer, was his trainer, he taught him how to play golf when he was a young boy.

Arnold Palmer has won a great number of golf events, such as Champions Tour and PGA Tour. The years that he was most dedicated to this sport were from 1960. to 1963. when he won 29 PGA tour events.

Arnold-Palmer-swing-finish   The Arnold Palmer’s golf swing which would always make a score, got a little complicated nowadays, and it shouldn’t be. The average golfer have got away from the basics that he should concentrate on and that is why so much confusion in swinging and how that should look like, and it makes the whole game look like there is no fun. If you stick to the basics of the swing, success is guaranteed as much as you will enjoy in your game.

Here are some instructions from Arnold Palmer for improving your golf swing , so you can practice and see the result:

  • You should make the putting stroke much simpler. There is one way to consistent putting and it is your body that should be relaxed and quiet. When playing, you should pinch the elbows and your knees should follow the center of your body. That is what keeps the limbs not moving in different directions, they are stable while putting and counter of keeping. This method really helps in improving the swing, even if it may look a bit awkward because it is really rare to see golfers to do this hunched over style. No matter what, it surely keep your body from moving and stabilize it.
  • You should speed up the club head when you are chipping. Arnold Palmer calls it “whisking” the peg trough the ball. Chipping accidents mostly happen because most golfers try to improve the chip as much as they can. When the club slows down through the ball or the hands get to active, nothing good can happen. The swing for the chip should be firm and quick, so you do not send the ball too far (then you wanted it to go). Take a shorter backstroke, if that happens.
  • Right before the impact, your back elbow should be stable as much as possible. When it gets away from the body, it can cause that your right hand take over the club when it is approaching the ball. If you lose control over the shots and club head, the ball can end up anywhere. You should return the back elbow close to the body when you are approaching the ball.

If you want to see results, you need to take your time and train like a pro, sticking to these instructions from a star.

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