Things to consider when choosing a knee strap

Also referred to as a knee brace, a knee strap may be very effective for you especially if you are experiencing different kinds of pains on your knees. Before settling on a particular one of your choice, there are a number of things that you may need to consider first. Below are some of the things you should look at first.

The style of knee braces you want

When it comes to a knee strap, they are normally in two basic styles. This two styles are wraparound and slip on. When it comes to wraparound braces/straps, they are normally placed either behind of the knee or at the front depending on the type you have. When it comes to the slip on, they are normally slid onto the knee by the person wearing it placing his or her foot through the opening of the brace and then pulling it up.

What size of knee strap do you want?

Original-Knee-Strap-highThe size of knee brace or strap you are going to have highly depends on the kind of brace that you are going to choose. Each of the straps is going to provide you with the necessary measurements to ensure that it is the perfect fit. However, there are some braces that may require you to have a measurement around the knee. Others may be specific with the measurement with some having to be three inches below or above the knee. Others may require having a thigh or a calf measurement. Regardless of the type of measurement that may be needed, the right size for your knee braces should be measured first so that you are able to get a brace that fits you perfectly.

Do I need a knee brace with an open or a closed patella?

Knee braces with a closed patella are for those people who may want their cap to be able to receive the same support and compression that is provided to the rest of the knee while an open patella is for those people who want a certain amount of pressure to be relieved on the knee depending on the particular kind of brace the person is using.

The type of knee braces you want

When it comes to knee braces, they usually come in four different types. These types include:

  • This type of braces usually contains springs on both sides of the knee so that it is able to provide the user with advanced support.
  • This type is normally sized and can easily be slipped on over your knee.
  • This type of braces normally contains hinges which are used to enable the knee to move in such a way that is similar to the knees natural movement.

Supports. These types of braces are normally adjustable and are usually wrapped around your knee. They are able to provide basic support to the person who is using it and also compression and warmth.

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