Prepare for Studying Abroad: Basic Documentation

You are a student and you have just found a great abroad program, you have been accepted and you’re all excited to start this wonderful journey. When traveling you must keep all your necessary travel documents gathered in one place. Keep them with your airline tickets and ensure that everything is properly prepared and dated. Without the proper travel documents, your entry to another country can be denied. You also may be enabled to return home on your own. In case of misfortune you must have all copies of the required documents with you and another copy must be kept with someone at home. That way, your parents can send you these copies if something happens. Getting them replaced in a foreign country would be very hard, almost impossible, so be sure to organize properly and prepare well in advance.



If you don’t have a valid passport, be sure to get one right away. This process can sometimes drag quite a bit, so you need that done as soon as possible. If you already have a passport you should check to see if everything is valid. If you haven’t traveled for a while, maybe your passport expired and you didn’t even notice it. Also, you must make sure that your passport won’t expire within the time you’re abroad. If you’re completely new at this and you don’t have a passport at all, you should apply for it at selected state courts of records or other state departments. Getting a new passport can take from 6 months to a whole year so be sure to apply for it right away. You can try to speed up the whole process but it will cost more.



In addition to a passport, you may need a visa in order to be able to study abroad. Almost all countries have different visa requirements, so you’ll need to look up your intended destination’s regulations online visiting the state department’s website or you can ask around directly at the embassy. It is very recommendable to consult with the embassy because they will also inform you if there are any special restrictions and conditions when traveling or studying abroad. As passports, you can wait for your visa more than 3 months, so be sure to apply for it in time! Also, when applying for visa it is very important to prepare all your documents before submitting them. If you forget anything, you’ll just put yourself in trouble and unnecessary delay the whole process. For example, students mostly forget to bring their document translations or even worse, they forget to translate them at all! Don’t get any ideas about doing this on your own. You mustn’t translate this by yourself, no matter how good your language skills are. This is a job for professional translators. For example, if you’re from Ireland, a local dublin company will translate everything you need in no time.

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Student card

This universal card will help you save money as on your trips, it will provide you to get students discounts almost on everything – from public transport and shops, to hotels, cinema’s and medical procedures. This card will also serve you as a form of identification because it includes your photo, birthday and country.

Certificate of vaccinations

Certain countries require students to have an international certificate of vaccinations. You can obtain this at the local department of health, or at your doctor’s office. You may also need to get vaccinated before you leave according to the host’s state immunization requirements.


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