Medical Careers You Don’t Need to Go to Med School For

The medical industry offers a wide array of choices when it comes to choosing field you want to practice in. There are so many different possibilities if you want to help people with their health problems or do something medicine related. Most paying disciplines within the medical field require a lot of education, and this is not surprising. But, not all medical careers require finished medical school. There are some jobs related to medicine you can do even if you didn’t go to medical school.

Some medical careers can be done without med school, and with them you can still earn a lot of money. When you think about launching a medical career, you probably think about many years of advanced schooling, but there are different health care careers that don’t require going to medical school but still give you a chance to diagnose and treat patients, to administer care and to keep medical facilities running smoothly. First job is radiologist imaging director, his duty is to oversee and coordinate the activities of the entire radiology department. His job includes managing the budget, evaluating the accuracy and quality of images, monitoring safety measures, purchasing new tech and many more. Also, they need to stay up to date on advancements in the field. Requirements for this job are usually several years of experience, preferably with management training, and a bachelor’s degree in radiology. They make almost 100.000 $ per year.

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Another very well paid job is health services administrator, and this is an emerging field that is expanding as more hospitals adapt to electronic health records. This job includes managing electronic health records, medical billing, staff schedules and coding. You have to be up to date with new laws and procedures, and it often required a bachelor’s degree at least, and will provide you with salary of around 90.000 $ per year.

Another job that you don’t need a med school for is transplant coordinator. He has to oversee all aspects of care for potential and actual transplant candidates and recipients. These aspects can include obtaining family consent, filling out medical history forms, responding to initial donor referrals, evaluating potential donors, and making all arrangements for transporting the physician team and organ allocation, basically everything possible that is needed to be done before organ transplantation. Transplant coordinators usually have a bachelor’s degree in medically related field, such as psychology, social work or allied health sciences, and they make about 80.000 $ per year.

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Next job is a dental hygienist. It is a dental professional who works independent or alongside dentists in a team to provide full oral health care. They are specialized in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. And how much do dental hygienists make? Well, enough to make you choose this job, because their salary is high and competitive with other medical fields. Their job includes taking dental x-rays, scaling and polishing teeth, applying preventive agents, performing oral screenings and many more. They are licensed, and must complete an accredited dental hygiene program.

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