How to make the most of your keyword research

As a salesperson who want to ensure your products pick up good sales online, your selection of keywords will be among many other factors that will determine success. When you market your products in a place such as Amazon which is one of the largest online markets, you need to be competitive. In the past, this could have been a challenge considering that there were no tools which could help you out in this dilemma. However, these software have already been introduced in the market and are making a great impact.
Some of these such as merchant words can help you get the right keyword phrases for your products. Getting this right will be your ticket towards great success even in a competitive arena such as Amazon. In order to get the best out of keyword research, below are some of the things you should do;

Maximize long tail keywords

This is one of the considerations you should make whenever you are doing keyword research. One thing to know is these types of keywords normally don’t have much searches. However, it is important to appreciate that whoever uses them have a specific problem in mind that they want to have solved. The idea behind long tail keywords is to target as many relevant keywords as possible. Whichever way you decide to go about keyword product research, you can never go wrong by using these long tail keywords to increase sales for your products.

Be careful when using broad keywords

There are quite a good number of online users who like using broad keywords when making their searches. For instance, you will find someone searching ‘best earphones’. The problem with using these types is that you risk facing a lot of competition. There are also chances that you might draw in visitors which may not really be as targeted as you would want. If you are targeting customers worldwide, then you would be fine using these broad keywords to improve your amazon search results. With merchant words or an equivalent, you can generate good keywords.

Use keyword research for very specific products

Your business could be offering products which are in different classifications. If this is the case, then each category should have a keyword research targeting a particular product. In as much as it would be somewhat tedious, it gives you a great chance of targeting the right leads and eventual sales. It therefore not a bad shot to take.

Imagine yourself as the buyer

As you move along trying to attract more visitors to your page and make sales, and thinking about how to refine your keyword, another important thing to do would be imagine yourself as the buyer. Putting yourself in the shoes of the targeted visitor will give you a clearer way of targeting your audience. While using merchant words to generate these keywords, imagining yourself as the buyer enables you to select the most appropriate.

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Alice Murray

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