Educate yourself on DUI offense

All of us make mistakes from time to time. Some people make only a small errors that don’t have any influence on their lives. For example, they can forget their keys, take the wrong mobile phone, purchase a wrong brand of milk, etc. There are many mistakes an average person can make during a regular day. Some of the causes of these errors include the lack of sleep, not being focused, and dealing with a lot of stress.

Other people can make significant mistakes that can have an impact on their lives, and their future. One of them is being charged with driving under the influence. Every year, many people throughout the United States face DUI charges. It is not surprising, as many individuals make a decision to sit behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks. Most of them think that they are not under the influence because they feel fine. However, sometimes we are just not capable of noticing whether we are under the influence or not. Even if you feel normal, it doesn’t mean your blood alcohol content is below the legal limit.

No matter if you have just one drink, or ten, it is the best idea to take a cab, or call a friend to pick you up. The amount of BAC or blood alcohol content varies from one person to another, depending on the type of alcohol, the weight, fat percentage, amount of food an individual consumed before and during the night out, and more. If you are not sure whether you are above the legal limit of .08%, it is better not to risk driving, and just consider other means of transport.

Consequences of DUI

If you decide to drive your vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, you could injure yourself, or an innocent bystander. Don’t risk hurting someone, or worse, just because you were too unwilling to call a cab, or too confident that you are not under the influence.

If you, by any chance, make a mistake and drive while intoxicated, and a police officer pulls you over, it is crucial to call a DUI lawyer straight away. Some of the potential consequences of being charged with this offense include the loss of your driving privileges, spending time in jail, and doing community service. Also, your can insurance rates will probably skyrocket. Additionally, if you face DUI charges and get convicted of this offense, and it gets on your criminal record, you might encounter severe issues in the future when trying to find a new job. As you can see, driving under the influence is just not worth it. If you want to avoid severe penalties, you need to hire a DUI lawyer. Choose the best professional you can find to help you with this unpleasant and stressful situation.

Questions to ask your DUI lawyer

The first thing you need to do is to find out more about their background. Ask about the number of DUI cases they were involved in, the years of experience in this field, the success rate, as well as how often they take cases to trial. Find out more about the qualifications of a DUI attorney you are thinking of hiring, if they have any special training or not, as well as if they are licensed to provide legal services.

Before hiring a lawyer, you should ask how much they charge, and how often. Some of them charge per hour, while others have flat fees. Also, check if there are any extra expenses involved. Most professionals offer a free initial consultation, which is quite beneficial, as it will help you decide whether you want to hire a particular lawyer or not. Choose your DUI attorney wisely. Hire the best expert you can find to represent you in court.