How To Detox Your Body From Methamphetamine? | Miami FL

Although a dangerous drug, methamphetamine is increasingly becoming available to more individuals. Just as making meth is just extremely hazardous, safe detox may also be difficult but possible. There are many ways by which you can safely detox from methamphetamine.

  • Meth withdrawal and detox consist of various stages.
  • Once you decide to stop using meth, you may experience a “crash” a few days later.
  • You may sleep longer, have a larger appetite, become more anxious and irritable.
  • Technically, this stage is not withdrawal yet but something like a hangover.

There are no drugs or substitute medications that have been approved to treat methamphetamine addiction yet.

However, there are some medications that may help with withdrawal symptoms including antidepressants for anhedonia and insomnia; antipsychotics for psychosis and insomnia; and benzodiazepines to calm anxiety and agitation.

Some medications may also reduce cravings and meth use, like bupropion like Aplenzin and Wellbutrin. These antidepressants may reduce the cravings and likelihood of use in less severe methamphetamine addictions. Mirtazapine is an antidepressant along with Modafinil, which works with the withdrawal symptoms too. These are stimulants that help treat narcolepsy and excessive sleepiness. Compared to placebo, it is more effective to reduce methamphetamine use.

Dextroamphetamine is another drug used to treat ADHD. Dextroamphetamine or Dexedrine may help in reducing cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms. You may be instructed to take 60mg daily for this purpose although it is not very effective in reducing meth use. Methylphenidate also is common in patients with narcolepsy or ADHD. This psychostimulant may reduce meth use more than placebo. Such medications may help throughout the withdrawal phase; hence, making detox less discomforting.

Have a talk with your doctor from the best rehab center for more information and help.

Among the more dangerous aspects of withdrawal from meth is the risk of having severe depression.

Depression does not only prompt a relapse but may also cause you to have suicidal thoughts and injure yourself. Those who attempt to go through detox by themselves often suffer from the psychological symptoms so much that they inflict more harm to their bodies or take in more methamphetamine just to find relief. However, both can have harmful consequences that can lead to death.

Getting the help of professionals can help you safely and more comfortably rid of methamphetamine from your body until full sobriety.

Also, any medical concerns may be safely addressed if you are with a formal medical supervision. During the detox stage, you may find underlying mental health issues that contribute to your meth abuse or make its worse. Often, it is called a dual diagnosis. If you decide to get formal treatment that specializes in the dual diagnosis, you are more likely to achieve a safe and healthy detox.

You may choose to enroll in either an inpatient or an outpatient detox treatment program.

If you opt to stay in an inpatient facility, you will be living in an entirely sober environment for some time where you will be taught how to resist meth use in the future. The facility will also help you dig deeper into yourself why meth abuse started in the first place.

An outpatient treatment, on the other hand, may be more suitable for less problematic cases and for people who have a strong support system at home. If you find yourself unable to get away from work or home, this program may be ideal as you would only have to check-in with the facility weekly for individual and group therapies.

The most common and effective way to treat meth addiction, for now, is behavioral therapy.

There are no currently accepted medications to treat meth addiction and withdrawal; hence, behavioral therapy is one if not the best detox option. The therapy may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, where you will examine your own use of meth, why you abused the drug, and how you may be able to avoid relapsing. Contingency management or the use of motivational incentives or rewards may also be included. All inputs are directed into motivating you to stay sober for the rest of your life. Matrix Model, which is an intensive therapy, is also common. The therapy includes various approaches to treatments including education and regular drug tests.

While scouting for potential treatment programs that will help you with your methamphetamine abuse, you should consider enrolling in a program that offers supervised detox as it is believed to be the safest option for anyone at any stage of the addiction. Withdrawal and meth detox may be a difficult period in your life. As such, professional help may help you go through such struggles in a safe environment and you will leave feeling better prepared for the future when you will become tempted to relapse.

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