Correlations between Dairy Products and Normal Child Development 

Today we are going to discuss something very serious. Being aware of the animal cruelty and animal abuse that occurs every day in various dairy farms, we will try to determine if our body really needs dairy products for normal development and growth or is that just another trick that dairy companies try to implement in our society. When I was younger, my mother practically forced me to drink milk even if didn’t want to, because, as she said, milk is essential for strong bone development and strength.  When we get older, we can make our decisions ourselves and we can choose the amount of dairy products will consume, depending on our taste, but if we have a child we have to choose for them and we have to be very careful about their diet.

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First, if you forgot what some of the most famous dairy farms and companies do, we’ll just remind you shortly – they’re injected with various dangerous hormones that make them produce at least ten times more milk than normal, which leads to exhaustion and in the end, death. When cows give birth, they take away their baby because they must maximize their profit in every possible way. The baby is being taken in less than 10 hours because they consider it less stressful for the mothers. Less stressful in this context means they must produce milk almost 24/7 and if they feel stressed, they can lose their milk, in the same way as humans. In order to be able to produce milk the whole year, they artificially inseminate cows and that is equal to raping! No one deserves this! All animals are innocent creatures incapable of evil.


You have probably heard that you shouldn’t give your baby milk if she isn’t at least a year old. This isn’t because the milk doesn’t provide enough nutrients, that’s because your baby can’t digest this protein and fat. Research has also shown that correlation between milk consumptions and brain development doesn’t exist. More researches have shown that milk can often cause allergies that lead to feeling of nausea, stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhea. If your child shows some of these symptoms you should check if it has milk allergies. The biggest mistake someone can make when they have milk allergies is to think their child won’t get enough calcium and nutrients. Your child can get much more nutrients consuming vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. Despite ‘’common wisdom’’ your child doesn’t need milk in order to build strong bones. Milk really isn’t the primary source of calcium. Your natural milk is! Your colostrum and only your milk is vital for your child’s health. Cow’s milk is essential for calves, not for humans. Cow’s colostrum can’t benefit humans the same as calves. To find out all about colostrum click here. Every time scientists tried to determine the relation between milk consumption and child development they got mixed results – that means every child is individual and milk consumption isn’t required for a healthy growing body, the results are almost like randomized. So don’t force your kids to drink milk and don’t force yourselves if you don’t like milk.

It is true that milk has some health benefits because it’s rich with vitamin A, B and D and some other good nutrients like phosphorous but it is far from vital for your health. If you love to drink milk, buy milk only from organic farms or companies which produce health products like APS Bio Group. It is essential to support good companies like this and throw back bad companies that exploit animals and everyone around them. The most important thing to remember is that cow’s milk is created for calves and they (at least first) should be able to drink it, same as human milk is consumed only by humans.


jessica parker

jessica parker

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jessica parker