Car park services and rates at Tullamarine Airport

Melbourne Airport, known as Tullamarine Airport is the most important airport that serves to the city of Melbourne and is the second busiest airport in Australia.

United Airport Parking offers the most contemporary parking facilities at the most competitive prices. It is one of the very first parking facilities built near Tullamarine Airport including cheap airport car parking options at the airport. If you travel to or from Melbourne, you can park your car at our parking, paying affordable price including security camera surveillance.

You can book your parking place just two hours earlier. You can book your long-term, or short-term car parking place, bicycle or motorbike parking place, or parking place for the disabled. If you change your plans, you can cancel at any time up to 24 hours to the booked time and the full price will be refunded to you.

This way of booking your parking place is very convenient as it can be tough to find a parking space, especially during a peak season. The parking places are highly secured, with plenty parking spots and at affordable prices.  And it is located, just a few minutes from the airport. Yours is only to enjoy convenient, cheap, fast and comfortable parking services

When using our parking services, you will enjoy peace of mind with our parking services. Just leave your keys with us and we will keep an eye on your car. Also, you will be on time for flight as it is very close to the airport and there is no need to worry about the missing the flight because of the traffic crowd. While you are away, we will take care of your car and have it washed, waxed and polished. You just have to select the right packet you need.

images (2)So we are offering our car park facility, which is a multi-level, well-built, modern, clean and illuminated car park. You can easily find your vehicle as each of the four floors has been color-coded. To secure enter and exit, we have implemented license plate recognition technology.

At Tullamarine, car park rates are economical because we think of our customers. As a corporate customer, you can enjoy our corporate advantages, designed for major corporations, business owners and frequent travelers requiring car parking services. It includes:

  • Corporate parking rates with Corporate Cards
  • Expedited Check-in with minimal wait time
    • Expedite Check-out with no way upon return from the airport
    • Monthly billing summaries
    • Easy Account set up
    • Special Agreements for Corporate customers

    You can visit our website for more details about car parking service as well as for quick quotes that can be simple calculated by our rate calculator. You can also select which of the payment ways suit you most: paying the ticket at the cashier, paying at the automated payment machine. Or paying by credit card at the exit boom gates.

    The most important things are convenient service, online booking, high-level security and competitive prices.  Book online for great rates.  And check all our other services. For corporate customers, there are always special promotions.

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