Which are the Best Rug Cleaning Tips?

No matter how much attention you pay to your rugs, after some time, these parts of home decor as many other parts will start to gather dust and become dirty. But it seems that rugs are the hardest piece of home decor for cleaning because they are mostly huge and you can’t clean them easily. Because of that, many people are forced to call a rug washing service when they decide to clean their rugs.

But is there any way to clean a rug at your home? Smitha Jose from The Zingy Homes has written an article about this and provided 6 quick and easy tips for Rug cleaning.

6 Quick and Easy tips for Rug cleaning

“Rugs and Carpets are timeless accessories any homeowner would love to have. By adding warmth and colour, they bring the spaces together, giving a sense of closeness. But just as any other piece of furniture or decor, these too tend to gather dust and dirt over time, no matter how carefully you step on them. And if you have a considerably good traffic at home, especially kids or/and pets, it looks like rugs are the only place they love to spill and soil. While a stern look can shoo them away at times, there definitely comes a day calling for a cleaning episode.” Read the full article here.

It would be good to know how to keep them clean. In order to avoid dust, you need to know some easy tips to keep rugs and carpets clean. The Instamag has provided an interesting article on this subject in which they showed us the tips on how to keep rugs clean.

Easy tips to keep rugs, carpets clean

“Vacuuming: Regular vacuuming helps keep the carpet clean. Loop carpets are more delicate and should be vacuumed without brush. Do not pull if some loose threads come over the surface, cut with scissor. Cleaning stains: In case of drop or spillage, absorb immediately with a blotting paper. Press the spot from the sides for maximum removal and minimum absorption in pile. Clean remaining spots, if any, using solvent or spirit. On tough spots, try white vinegar with water equally. ” Read the full article here. 

Check the video above to see how to clean a rug. Maybe this rug from the video is not an example of the modern and well-designed rug like sisal area rug. Check this link to find out more about this rug and many other.